Marketplace | Enid Grace Culinary—A Taste of The So Very Good Life

I saw Enid Grace at the checkout in the grocery store once. She didn’t see me. I watched her swoop up the items from her cart onto the counter and then into bags on the other side. It was like watching the ballet. Something about Enid’s whole being radiate’s grace, elegance, purpose, confidence, vulnerability, romance and pragmatism. Whether she’s shopping or making magic in the kitchen, her body responds exactly to the directions of her heart and that’s why her culinary offerings don’t just taste wonderful, but make you feel something too.

—Lonelle Selbo, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief at LIFE AU LAIT

By Tara McMullen Photo

Enid Grace Culinary

A unique blend of culinary experiences, including hands on cooking workshops, curated small event catering for groups and businesses, a communal table dinner series and a daily Italian cafe experience.

Check out Enid Grace for details on the café, upcoming events, pop-ups, catering options.

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