Watch This Space | The When, Where & What of The New ‘Enid Grace Culinary’

“It was only supposed to be open for three years.” Enid told me when we first discussed her plans to close the café. And true to form, on December 22nd—exactly three years after opening in Wellington—one of the town’s most beloved institutions, Enid Grace Café served its final customers.
Despite assurances that their beloved Enid would reopen the 2.0 version soon with a newer, bigger concept and close-by location in a matter of months, die-hards and regulars lined up for her beautiful fare and fussed and mourned as if it were the end of an era.

A few months back, we announced Enid Grace as our Fall artist-in-residence. We worked on a really cool piece, shadowing her all night as she went about her masterful prep routine in the café. But, now, since “What’s next for Enid?” is the phrase on everyone’s lips and minds, and because there have been some lovely little mythologies that need validation or the opposite, it seemed like the most awesome way to bookend our residency together would be to do an interview, gathering all the facts about the new Enid Grace Culinary—straight from Enid’s mouth.


The estimated opening is April 2020, so you could be sipping a double espresso by Spring. COVID-19 UPDATE
Limited opening / Takeout only – June 1st, 2020.
Aperitivo Service (limited space) – July 18th, 2020.


You’ll find her almost directly across the street from the old location of the cafe — 304 Main Street Wellington.


The next chapter for Enid Grace is one that doesn’t just focus on her love of food, but more specifically, her passion for Italian food and culture. Enid Grace Culinary will offer a unique guest experience—one that will make you feel like you’ve spent a little time in Italy.
Piccolina Bar
The walk in Piccolina Bar will feature regional Italian pastries baked fresh each day, including the classic sweet baking you’ll find in almost every family coffee bar in Italy as well as savoury breads to enjoy with your espresso or a glass of wine. The bar will offer a full Italian coffee program, making each cup exactly as its made in Italy. And you can add some Grappa or Brandy to your espresso for a classic Coretto or opt for a simple and smooth cappuccino with the perfect crisp Cantucci biscuit on the side.
Aperitivo (Happy Hour)
There will also be a classic Aperitivo several days a week, featuring wine, beer and delicious plates of antipasti and cicchetti.
Enid’s Table
Enid’s Table offers guests a beautiful curated dining experience. Each week a full Italian meal will be created for you to enjoy at the communal table—just book your seat and feast. You can also reserve the table for you own event. A business meeting, luncheon, dinner, private party; all catered by Enid.”
The Bread Bicycle
The Bread Bicycle will be parked out front each weekend and filled with fresh breads for guests to take home or to the beach for a picnic.
The Teaching Kitchen
The Teaching Kitchen will offer guests an immersive cooking experience; learning everything from traditional bread and pasta making, pastry or a full family meal. A coffee and biscotti await your arrival and then dive into a hands on lesson with plenty of laughter and stories included. Enjoy a glass of wine while you work together with Enid in the kitchen and then sit down to enjoy what you’ve created. Enid will offer weekly public classes, but, much like Enid’s Table, you can privately book your own group for a lesson and meal designed especially for you.

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