Things move fast and change faster in the County, and there’s nothing better than watching the seeds of a beautiful new venture being sown and then blossom into those iconic experiences that PEC is celebrated for. This past summer, Sarah Harrison (of the beloved Waupoos Pub and Cressy Mustard) soft-launched the Cressy Market & Eatery for weekly pop-up oysters, drinks, and a daily menu made up of County faves woven together with fresh ingredients sourced from farms and patches “up and down the road”, as Sarah says.

While The Pub is the year round go-to for neighbours old and new (Sarah knows just how to warm up the cold season with beautiful comfort food, fresh fish, local nectar, and a family atmosphere), the Market is summer personified. It’s breezy, open and beautiful, overlooking that infinite blue expanse of Lake Ontario through Waupoos’ spectacular rainbow of hollyhocks.



Open from April to November, the Cressy Market became a venue for the best blend of neighbours and Countywide friends. We sat together at long picnic tables, clinking glasses and sharing platters of $2 oysters. We gasped over the perfect harmony of flavour in Sarah’s ahi tuna salad and ordered the best damn buttermilk chicken sandwich in history (with a side salad of perfectly ripe local heirloom tomatoes, pea shoot microgreens, and a pinch of pretzel salt) to share…and then ordered a second one.

Watch this space for the return of the Cressy Market & Eatery in April 2019, with special events, the best of the County on the shelf (including Cressy Mustard), a new self-serve deli (think: stuff to put mustard on), more oysters, more beer and wine, and much more of the same authentic, no-nonsense, goodness that Sarah brings to all of her endeavours.

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