A County Minute—ft. The Totally Lovely, Tara Spencer-Nairn

Tara Spencer-Nairn and I got to know each other a bunch of years back when we shot a gorgeous fashion editorial with her for a LUSH Magazine cover story. At the time, she was playing ‘Constable Karen Pelly’ in Canadian cult classic TV series, Corner Gas, but I already adored her from the award-winning film, New Waterford Girl (and her stint on tween-approved series Breaker High.)

This summer, as The Comedy Network’s new series releases Corner Gas Animated (April, 2018), Tara shares some favourite experiences of her family trip to the best place on earth—Prince Edward County.

“Josh and I fell in love with PEC years ago and we try to visit once a year to stock up our cellar, but this last trip was the first time we decided to bring our kids along. What surprised us most was just how child-friendly the County is. We’d always used it as an excuse to get away from the kids, but it was amazing to realize we could bring the kids along and still get to do all the things we love to do.”

A few of Tara’s top picks…

(stay) Small Stall Hobby Farm

The rescue farm was incredible—the big win for us this trip. The kids were constantly entertained by all the animals. It was the perfect balance for everyone, and Christina, the woman who runs it, was so great with the kids and went above and beyond for us.

Small Stall Hobby Farm

(visit) Huff Estates

The sculptures at Huff Estates were a huge hit! Note: The Oeno Sculpture Gardens and Gallery are more fantastic and interesting than you expect. Kids and grownups alike can spend ages wandering around and taking it all in!


(drink) Hinterland Winery

The kids had an absolute blast running around at Hinterland…they had fun little cars they could drive around and a soccer net.  They were distracted long enough for us to sit back and enjoy some bubbly!




Main photo credit: Steve Wilkie | Other photos provided by Tara Spencer-Nairn

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