More Than Just A Friendly Coffee Shop on Wellington’s Main Drag

Hello Bonjour
| The Healthy Cafe

Wellington’s go to coffee shop! Run by Stand Up Comedian, Culinary Nutrition Expert, Passion Author and (grounded) Flight Attendant Amanda and her Sport Enthusiast, Innovator, and Lifetime Entrepreneur husband Nyden.

Your Morning Coffee, with Amanda

Come get the good news in the county, right here.

What if you could sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and read (or watch) a story about how seriously awesome your community is. Maybe it’s a story about an excited new couple buying their first home and putting down roots in ameliasburg or maybe it’s how the county rallied together to help launch a bagel & hummus company or better yet, a plethora of stories how our neighbours are the hero’s in each of our lives by surprising us with a plowed driveway while we are away at work or coming by with a tall ladder to rehang your business sign that has blown off during a windstorm or dropping off some organic juices to a friend that is going through treatments and a complimentary meal plan being gifted to you by a stranger simply because…

Come for the good news, straight from Amanda’s mouth! We’ll gather to share and read County stories of welcoming, support and being a good neighbour!

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