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The Cornish-County flag is once again flying and Pasties are a-baking here at The County Pasty Company. 

We offer smaller Pasties that we call “Basties” for those that want a smaller meal, event platters as well as our beloved West Country Whirls—deliciously weighty cookies for people who are serious about deliciousness! For more details, check our our website!


Currently, you can pick up frozen Cornish County Pasties at The Bean Counter Café in Picton or served hot and fresh at Gillingham Brewery in Hillier!


Special Event or Private Party? Pasties are a serious crowd-pleaser and our new smaller “Basties” look spectacular on a platter! If you’re ordering in quantity, we’re happy to take special orders.


Visit our website for varieties (and the stories behind them), pricing, order details and ingredients! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook or even contact us directly by email


We can’t wait to ramp up for a post-COVID Spring/Summer/Fall with you, email us to chat 🙂


  1. My dad is from Newquay. We had pasties weekly when I was growing up. The beef ones were made regularly, and would occasionally make potato, onion and extra old cheddar. Delish! In the mid 80’s he used to sell them at the Burlington legion and make special orders.

    I got yours at The General in Wellington

    Yours are very good, my dad would be impressed

  2. Hi Sharon, thank you for your lovely comments and thanks for sharing the story about your dad. So happy you like the Pasties, we aim to make them as authentic as possible (like I had them as a kid) and really appreciate comments from people who have experienced Pasties from back home.
    Mark – The County Pasty Co.

  3. Is it too late to order six traditional beef Pasties for this Saturday? We are coming to Picton early afternoon. Where would we pick them up?
    We love your Pasties!
    Judith Oearse

  4. Hi Judith,

    Thanks for your message and lovely comments, I will reach out to you directly via email.


    Mark – The County Pasty Co.

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