County Kicks: The Go-To Shoes of PEC People

The people of Prince Edward County work hard and play hard—and because both of these things add up to the good life, there’s quite a bit of overlap. All this living is not for the faint of heart and it’s critical that our footwear is up to the job, so here are a handful of our finest weighing in with their go-to shoes—the kind that that can stand up to country living and look good while they do it.

Lonelle Selbo, Editor at Life Au Lait

“Even when I worked in fashion, I opted for pretty, but sensible footwear, so moving to the County was an awesome excuse to box the last of my heels and start investing in sensible chic options. When I found an awesome summer go-to, I thought I’d ask around and see what other PEC people were obsessed with.”

Editor’s Picks / Soak slides, Hunter Chelsea boots, and I’m wearing ‘Audrey’ rubber slip-ons by Native Shoes. They go from a day at the beach to traipsing through the vines to dinner at a killer restaurant—and you should definitely pick up your pair from Nick at The General Store in Wellington.

Samantha Parsons, Co-Owner at Parsons Brewing Co.

“I must confess that since moving to the county the idea of what makes a great shoe has shifted  away from a particular brand or look to comfort and performance. Quality remains an important factor as I consider footwear. I need a shoe that can take me from the vineyard and hop yard to the tap room and, at times, to grab a drink after work.

Sam’s Picks / Birks, Blundstones, classic Stans or plain black Nike, and in this pic I’m wearing sandals that my mom gets them made in France for me, you can’t take them out into the fields, but I’ve been wearing them for years. 

Sonya Szabo, Co-Owner at The Vic Cafe

“This cafe owner has found the perfect closed-toe County glam shoes with support for the long days hustling and transitioning into the after-school mom life.”

Sonya’s Picks Best thing about these Ecco sneaks, is they’re from the local shoe store Crowe’s so I can support my local and independent business. 

Duarte Dasilva, Exec Direc at PEC Winegrowers Association

“One of the things I promised myself when I moved out to The County was that I would get my motorcycle licence (ignore this, mom.) I had been wearing an old pair of ankle boots, but they weren’t appropriate for riding. Finally, I picked up some boots that I’d been coveting for sometime, a pair of Red Wing Heritage Classic 8” Moc Toe Boots.

Where to Wear I plan to break them in travelling the roads of PEC, heading out to a mid-week food pop-up, visiting a farmers market, or riding out to a beach to take in a breathtaking PEC sunset. 

Robin Snip, Actor and Stay-at-Home Mom

“My Roots boots are my go-to’s—comfy, perfectly worn in and go with everything.”

Where to Wear I wear them to rehearsal at Mt. Tabor, play group at Macauley Mountain, walking around the Wellington farmer’s market, and for a beer at Parsons.

Andrew McLuhan, Principle at The Cover-Up & The McLuhan Institute

“When I need to get my mojo working, my Giant Tiger special $10 wolf shoes are the only reasonable choice. I wish I’d bought two pair.”

Where to wear These kicks are essential for secret missions and exploring the hidden parts of Picton.

Dawn Stafrace-Middleton, Artist at The Ye11ow Studio

“I’m a potter, so whatever I can hose off is perfect for working in the studio. I know ladies, don’t be jelly of my styles!”

Dawn’s Picks / My Sanok flips are super comfy and made from recycled yoga mats so I feel good about wearing them too. Bought at Crowes Footwear in Picton

Alex Fida, Owner at Angeline’s Inn & House of Falconer

“I got these woven leather shoes last year while visiting in Oaxaca, Mexico. I love being able to slip on shoes that transition from casual to formal depending on the outfit.”

Alex’s Picks / They go from The Vic Cafe to Hagerman Farms to Seedlings for dinner.

Candace Kilduff, Provocateur at Christopher Bates

“We moved to the County a year ago and my fabulous shoe collection sits, unworn, but by no means unloved, in the basement of our home. These days, I find myself reaching for more “practical” options like these Wang booties and the disco ball Marants.

Candace’s Picks / These Alexander Wang boots are great for the colder months, and for the days I’m missing stilettos, the sparkle of an Isabel Marant sandal gives me a little glam, while offering comfort and practicality.

Enid Grace, Owner at Enid Grace Cafe

“So these are very ‘real life’. They’re my kitchen Chelsea boots. They’re comfortable, easy to clean and cute with everything.”

Enid’s Picks / I wear these at work, though—I wear my pretty shoes everywhere else!

Christine Mitchell-Gillingham, Co-Owner at Gillingham Brewing Company

“Transitioning from the city with a corporate career, to starting a small business in the country meant wardrobe adjustments and necessary changes—most importantly: shoes. Adjusting from heels to comfort was welcoming and long overdue.”

Christine’s Picks / Blundstones were my go-to out the gate and for so many reasons. Casually comfortable, yet stylish and extremely versatile, they take me from home to our brewery and out and about around town with family and friends.

Nadia Rahman, Owner at Bubble & Squeak Vintage

“I downsized dramatically—not when I came to the County, but after I moved to Canada. I parted with so many beautiful things, but they did not serve my life anymore. Today, my shoes take me to City Revival, Amour Lingerie, Parsons, Flame & Smith, my local—County Canteen, especially for Trivia night—The Regent Theatre—especially for Cinifest—Picton Library, Slickers Ice Cream, Crepe Escape for butter chicken…damn, my little town rocks!

Nadia’s Pick / My taste for quality never died, these badass babes were one of the first quality footwear pieces I bought when I got my first Canadian pay cheque. Handmade in Argentina, I have had them for five years and they are timeless…like Jim Morrison. They were worth every penny every time I wear them I channel magic!


It’s worth noting that despite the variety of footwear depicted above, most of the featured County people profiled reported that they had a pair of Blundstones in their regular rotation. So if you’re packing for a weekend out to PEC or looking for a versatile option for year-round County living, consider a pair of sturdy, slip-on, ankle-length leather boots with elastic sides and you’ll be in good company.

  1. I would love to add a picture of a pair of my Dad’s work boots. Dad is in his 90th year and farmed his whole life in Prince Edward County. He appreciated his work boots so much that as a young man he removed them when ploughing the field ,back when they used horses and finished the job in his sock feet, so his only pair of boots didn’t wear out! My things have changed!

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