Every day I have at least three messages in my inbox asking where to go and what to do in Prince Edward County and every time, I type a new seven paragraph itinerary in answer to the request—trying to curate a tailored County experience that will be unforgettable.

It’s a labour of love, but actually not an easy task because, along with the times, the County keeps a-changin’.

All this talent and passion, both bred and imported, along with a steady stream of eager visitors, provides the perfect environment for a plethora of new launches and re-imagined mainstays. Add the outposts, mergers, and collabs and you’ve got a County on the move.

There are great resources out there. There’s a gorgeous guide to PEC available on shelves both real and virtual, written by the talented food writer Chris Johns and captured by our unofficially designated, embedded photo-documentarian, Johnny Lam. And you should check it out, but honestly, rounding up the County in print is like herding cats, so I’ve been blessed with the greatest job on earth: hang out at ground zero and keep up.

Please watch this space over the next few weeks to get the scoop on the ‘Who’s Who and What’s What’ of the County and get in the know and up to date for your next County adventure.

To be continued…

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