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Yes, the whole entire County is our playground—but the east side of PEC is LIFE AU LAIT’s local ‘hood and the place where our heart soars and head rests. This part of PEC is the furthest from Toronto and closer to Ottawa, Kingston, and Montreal. From Waupoos to Cressy to Lake-on-the-Mountain—there’s a different kind of magic here.

It starts with the sunrises that feel like the dawn of time, moves to the lake, glinting with diamonds or the fog lying over the fields, and ends in the sunsets that seem like the world is on fire. We hang out together in this beautiful wonderland, celebrate our people, and intensely enjoy the incredible experiences and bounty that this region of the County provides.

Here are some of our favourite roadside stops found on the east side of the island. You could drive from any one of the places to any other in under 20-minutes, but a weekend tour of your top 10 would keep you very busy. 

We’ll keep working to make sure these neighbourhood directories are as complete as possible, but remember—Ontario’s current travel restrictions and the pace and rhythm of the County means that hours change, new businesses pop up and old ones evolve. Always check in before dropping by!

Browse the businesses below for things to see and do, or skip to the Trades + Services or the Accommodations sections!

Hey County! Help us fill in the blanks. Email us with any businesses we've missed...

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