Prince Edward County map LIFE AU LAIT

This Map of the County was drawn + designed for LIFE AU LAIT by local artist, Evert Rosales Gómez de Martin

Did you know that Prince Edward County is about an hour to drive across from one end to the other? And about an hour from top to bottom too—it’s true! So if you want to spend more of your time doing the great things and less time commuting, you plan by neighbourhood.

So browse through our County ‘hoods below. Each has its own personality—some are buzzing with action, some offer beautiful stretches of country road, but they all offer the opportunity to make unforgettable memories.

Here they are, in approximate order from West to East. Click on each ‘postcard’ to visit our neighbourhood directories (listing all of the businesses in the region) and explore  market stalls, articles, places to stay, topical round ups, events, and even real estate in the area. 

Evert Rosales Gómez de Martin is a Venezuelan multidisciplinary artist, illustrator, photographer and musician, based in Canada.

He Studied Visual Arts and Graphic Design in the Faculty of Arts at the Universidad de los Andes, Mérida, Venezuela.

He has been recognized with six major awards by the University of the Andes for his high academic performance, receiving on three occasions the order “Luis Maria Rivas Davila” for the highest academic achievement in Visual Arts.

His passion for illustration and photography started when he was a child. He loves challenging himself and learning from every project.

Evert currently works as a part-time illustrator and creative assistant at Merrill House. He also manages a number of private clients and regularly undertakes pro bono work within the arts community in Ontario.

Evert has also worked as an art director for a number of short films 
and played violin in the Mérida Symphony Orchestra. 

Evert is the co-founder of Venezuela Educational and Medical Supply Relief, which supplies critical medicine and other supplies to a partner hospital and school in his home state of Mérida.

Enquire about commissions, connect with Evert or learn more about his work here.