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Offering virtual (video and voice call) sessions from the comfort of wherever you are right now—Natalie uses a whole body approach and nutritional detective skills to help you understand your relationship with food and what nutrients your body actually needs.

“It’s not what you eat, it’s how it makes you feel.”

Her approach is anti-diet, non-restrictive, and body inclusive and sessions may vary from discussing methods of freshening up your current lifestyle to uncovering habitual patterns and thoughts that no longer serve you.

Join Natalie for her inspiring and insightful approach to healthy eating.

Natalie is a Prince Edward County-based Nutritionist, Nutrition Therapist, and Yoga therapeutics teacher. She grew up in Newmarket and spent time in Toronto where she studied and grew her family with her restauranteur husband Jesse.

Together, with their two children, they made a serendipitous leap in October 2020 to leave the city and now reside full-time on the pond in Milford.

They no longer fight over kitchen space and will never get sick of the star filled sky. It’s an understatement to say how happy they are to be here.

Join Natalie for her inspiring and insightful approach to healthy eating.

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