MARKET | She Paints The County—A Study in Light, Movement & Spirit

Celia Sage 
| Painter in Oils

I’ll never run out of things about Prince Edward County that I want to celebrate in paint, to build into a composition and layer with colour and say, “look at this —- isn’t it wonderful?”  In every season, down every road, at every table, life here demands to be painted: the mystery of a squall sweeping over a field, the curl of falling petals, the choreographic way people arrange themselves in a space.  I’ve been painting County subject matter almost exclusively for forty years, and the longer I’m here the more ideas throng around me — I can’t keep up with them.  There’s something about concentrating on one place that just takes one deeper and deeper into everything that really matters about any place.

“A tree forms itself in answer
To its place and the light.
Explain it how you will, the only
Thing explainable will be
Your explanation.”

Sabbaths 1999 IV
Wendell Berry,  Give

"Celia is a prolific artist, seemingly unable to help herself from capturing all of the important County moments—both glorious and understated—with the same quality of feeling. Her ability to hold light inside her work for the viewer to connect with is absolute magic. There’s also whimsy and charm and a bit of a smile in there....such a reflection of Celia herself!
Lonelle Selbo
Publisher, LIFE AU LAIT

Celia Sage is represented by Mad Dog Gallery

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  1. Hello Lonelle, I really like your magazine, I think you are doing a great job for the community of theCounty, I am following you here in Vancouver, own a parcel of land near Little Bluff still, I wonder if you could write an article about the TO chef Grant van Gameren, who is your neighbor there in Cressy, see what he is up to now, after closing all his 9 restaurants, thanks, Zef

  2. Hi Zev—So sorry for spotting your request so late! I’ll ask Grant if he’s into it and do my best to make it awesome. Thanks for reading and following and for the compliments. Hope you get into the County to visit your land soon and often 🙂

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