February is without doubt the worst month in Ontario, but in true PEC style, we not only make the best of it—we also make it the best. Here are some reasons you should ‘County up’ and make February the best month in Prince Edward County.

The Grange Winery, from the outside during a snowstorm

EVENTS | The Élevage Festival—PEC’s Annual Winter Wine & Cider Adventure

Thrown by Prince Edward County’s Winegrowers Association, this March saw the first Élevage Festival—a ticketed event that let us enjoy a bunch of delicious wineries and cideries without the sprawling trek across the County’s many snow-covered roads, by gathering 22 of our awesome purveyors together in 7 beautiful and easy-to-access locations.

Editor’s Letter
life in Prince Edward County, a group of people hanging out by a classic red car

I stopped here five years ago to write a travel story in the middle of a blustery February in 2014 and fell head over heels for the County, the island that would become my home. PEC was cultured and sophisticated, but not pretentious, the people were driven, but not at the expense of one another’s success—it was the model of what Richard Florida's creative class would look like entrenched and turned inwards on itself.

The wine was making a name for itself—and it's true, Prince Edward County hosts a remarkable terroir—but grapes aside, the County is fertile ground for a movement that's been generations in the making. 'It's the snowball of enormous spirit and a huge collaborative energy', County-born hotelier Alex Fida told me back then and it’s truer than ever today: there's something important happening here, and it's not about transplanted city folk following blogworthy dreams of hobby farming and hipster rusticism—there's an audible hum of minds and hands at work.

This beautiful place, with a lakefront that feels like the ocean, complete with waves and eternal views. This special soil that produces magnitudes of bounty in the hands of masters and novices alike. These crossroads where local wisdom and creative fervour meet—where Drake and Dakota can establish outposts alongside kitchen takeovers by up-and-comers or chef-led food trucks. All this, set against magnificent gold and pink sunsets stretched out across an enormous sky.

The County is a place where anything is possible and this magazine aims to capture and share what we’re all doing here, to guide visitors towards their best PEC experience, and to record for posterity the ever-evolving goings-on of a bunch of hyper-talented people who have been bred-by or drawn to the magical Prince Edward County.

Lonelle Selbo | Publisher & Editor-in-Chief