Where-To | Cherry Valley, East Lake & Salmon Point

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Cherry Valley, East Lake and Salmon Point are some of our favourite County neighbourhoods. Located on the West side of the South shore, they range from stunning expansive farming fields and back-forty forests, to the pebbly, but beautiful Point Petre beaches (complete with water snake-spotting!, ) to the cottage-y feel of Salmon Point and East Lake. The communities here vary from generational farmers to young hipster families and everyone in-between.

Cottages, trailers and retro campgrounds on Salmon Point and East Lake provide visitors with gorgeous vacay experiences that feel more traditionally Ontario cottage country as compared to the more modern, luxury digs found in many other tourism-friendly neighbourhoods.

This is another good one for driving and exploring, blasting the County anthem, stopping at roadside stalls, pop-up maker markets and giving yourself over to the simple life.

We’ll keep working to make sure these neighbourhood directories are as complete as possible, but remember—Ontario’s current travel restrictions and the pace and rhythm of the County means that hours change, new businesses pop up and old ones evolve. Always check in before dropping by!

Browse the businesses below for things to see and do, or skip to the Trades + Services or the Accommodations sections!

Hey County! Help us fill in the blanks. Email us with any businesses we've missed...

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