AU LAIT Markets 101—Process to Prices to Features to Benefits

What You’ll Find in our Markets 101!

  • Simple Sign-Up Process
  • Virtual Market overview + pricing
  • Live + STAy Market overview + pricing
  • Market Features: Live + Coming Soon!

The sign up process is as easy as pie! It’s essentially a 3-step process—

  1. The first step is where you fill out that initial form by signing into AU LAIT Markets with your name and email and the type of stall or listing you want to buy, choose your plan (ie. how long you’d like a listing for) and submit.
  2. Next, a PayPal window will immediately pop up so you can pay for your stall or listing. If you prefer to pay by a different means, X-out of the window and send an e-transfer to [email protected] (include your email in the message area) or email us at [email protected] to ask about other payment methods.
  3. Last, you’ll get a confirmation with links to the forms you will use to fill out your stall details (FYI. You’ll also get an email with the same links to the email address you used in Step 1 in case you want to fill in your stall content later.)

* We’ll get your stall live within 24-48 hours of receiving it, unless you specify a delayed start date. If you need to be live in a rush, just email us at [email protected] 

* Your Stall or Listing period starts the day your stall is live in our market, not the day you make the purchase.

Why you need to be in it and how much it costs!

WHAT IT IS— The Virtual Market offers locals and visitors beautiful virtual listings that we call “stalls”. Our vendors represent the great talent of the County from producers to growers, to makers to retailers, artists to trades, services to workshops to events—it’s a one stop shop.

HOW THEY WORK— Visitors browse the market or search for specific things, they will soon be able to add their favourite stalls to their personal “Experience Carts” (and everyone will be able to see the number of times your stall has been added!) When they’re ready to purchase or book, the stalls all link to vendors’ purchase, booking, or order portal.

WHY THEY WORK— The Virtual Market lets visitors and locals know what experiences are available now, via delivery or safe in-person access, as well as what’s coming and what they can plan for and look forward to. And it’s not only COVID and regulation-proof, it’s also low season proof!

STALL RENTAL COSTS—  $175/3 mths | $250/6 mths | $360/1 year | $1,080/Lifetime

WHAT IF I WANT TO CHANGE MY STALL? Of course you do! You need to promote your sales or new products or update photos or content. No problem. Our user access form will be live soon and you’ll be able to swap out the content. Or if you prefer to send us the deets, we can do it for you for an admin fee of $25/change.

Let’s Do This! Click here to sign up for your Virtual Market Stall

Why you need to be listed here and how much it costs!

WHAT IT IS— The Live+Stay Market is made up of Real Estate Listings (this section also includes private stalls for salespeople, realtors, mortgage brokers, real estate lawyers, and brokerages who work in County real estate); STAy Stalls (All the hotels, motels, bnbs, inns, and other short term rentals in the County); and finally, Long Term Rental Listings (we are aiming to give these away to help support and promote long term renting in PEC.)

HOW THEY WORK— LIFE AU LAIT Magazine is a real deal capture of the beauty of County living. It shows it as it is, not glossy or over-hyped. The visitors and locals who read the magazine are pre-qualified for loving this place, they’re ready to buy forever or at least, spend their vacation time here. It just makes sense to marry real estate listings and our STAy Stalls to the magazine in our Live+Stay Market!


*AU LAIT Long Term Rentals —If you have a long term rental you’d like to list for free Click Here to contact us

WHAT IF I WANT TO SWAP MY LISTING OR UPDATE MY STALL? Of course you do! You’re going to sell that home superfast and you definitely want to add that new features list to your STAy Stall! No problem. Our user access form will be live soon and you’ll be able to swap out the content. Or if you prefer to send us the deets, we can do it for you for an admin fee of $25/change.

Let’s Do This! Click here to sign up for your listing or stall now

Most of these features are live right now and the rest will be up in the next few weeks!

INCLUSION IN LIFE AU LAIT ROUNDUPS— We always have some great stories on the go, but our roundups get a lot of attention. It just makes sense to do cool topics that are based on our market’s own vendors! We’ll constantly be looking at your stalls and listings to come up with awesome top 5 stories that feature your business, so the sooner you’re in there, the sooner I’ll be brainstorming about how to promote you in a theme!

GREAT SEARCH OPTIONS— Right now, we have category listings and an in-market or listing or stall specific search to help guide people towards your stall or listing in the various markets. If a user searches ‘coffee’ and you have or sell or make coffee at your business or STA, you’re going to come up in the list. If they search ‘Bloomfield’ and that’s where your business or listing is, you’ll come up on that list too. These search functions are designed to make sure our visitors can find you everywhere!

PEC GUIDES— This is one of the top tabs on and users can view the content by neighbourhood or the type of visit they’re planning, from couples trips to girls’ getaways, family friendly visits to County weddings, there’s even a winery option—and your stall or listing will always be linked to whichever guides are relevant to it!

EXPERIENCE LISTS— This one is our personal baby. It looks like a button on each stall that says “Experience This” and each time a user clicks on it, the stall or listing will be added to their personal Experience Cart, a list of all of the County things users want to do, see, buy, visit, or stay in either when they come to the County or when they can get out and about in it. It also shows how many times your button was pressed to indicate to other users, how popular your experience is in our markets. This is also good feedback for how you curate your stall or listing.

WE CAN HELP WITH YOUR CONTENT— We get that you’re busy and you might not have time or the wherewithal to take photographs or write your listing or story. We can help. Email us for more details at [email protected]

Let’s Do This! Click here to join AU LAIT’s New Markets!

We can’t wait to welcome you into our AU LAIT Markets! Just click on the link above to sign up and join us here. Or if you have any other thoughts or questions, drop us an email at [email protected] Our mission and purpose is to share with Prince Edward County visitors and other County folk all of the magic that’s happening here. If you want more detail about our overall philosophy and how the pieces of AU LAIT all work together, check out ‘who we are and what we do’.

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