A Cider Story | FieldBird is Recruiting For Their Flock & It’s Going To Be Delicious

Since Ryan first walked us through his lady-named barrels back in 2018, we’ve loved FieldBird Cider. In an 8-word highlights recap: It reads like wine & drinks like Friday night. So when we heard about their newest project ‘The Flock’ we wanted to share all about it…

📍What’s The Flock + why is it cool?

The Flock is weird and wonderful. At FieldBird we do a lot of small-batch experimentation. How will a buried barrel impact fermentation? What happens if we filter brandy through yarrow greens? Are we legally allowed to throw a cask into a lake for aging?

If you could visit our cellar, you’d see carboys bubbling away in the lab. You’d see tiny barrels hiding under a folding table. These are projects we love. But the volumes have been too small to release publicly. We make weird and wonderful things each year then take them home to drink. But our basements are full. It’s time to start sharing our experiments.

📍 How does Flock Week work?

We wanted to do it a little differently than traditional wine clubs. We don’t ask for money up front, just your email. We send you a secret link each month to a Flock release. You get one week to decide if you want to buy it, then the link disappears and the rest of the offering goes to Ryan’s cellar—never to be seen again!(?) We wanted to give our friends the option to have some every month, or only every few months. And if something seems too flocking crazy, no one is forced to buy it.

📍 Hello, I’m…

Amelia.  Operations manager + assistant cidermaker (Worked at wineries in PEC, Niagara and Nova Scotia before coming to the cider world at FieldBird)

Ryan.  Ideas guy + cidermaker (Worked + consulted for a number of wineries in the county + Niagara before starting FieldBird with Nicole)

Conor.  Sales director (Fell into the cider world through cycling with Ryan + previously worked with Amelia.)

Nicole.  Art + design (Has a degree in photography and education in agriculture)

Mel.  Logistics, cellarhand + overall MVP
(Previously worked at Closson as a cellarhand + we won’t let her leave.)

We know that a flock only works when flying in unison. Like everything else at FieldBird, the flock is collaborative. We need everyone helping each other.


Literally go check out FieldBird right now. Join their Flock. Ryan and Amelia are forging out new paths in Cider and Perry and there’s nothing more County than talented creatives do exciting, smart and delicious things—except, perhaps, supporting those people.


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